Dash Cam faqs

It is quite normal that the dash cam is heated in normal operation. All of our products that leave the factory will undergo continuous 8 hours of room temperature for aging in the factory. Laboratory testing has passed the reliability test of continuous high temperature of 60 degrees, so you can use it confidently. In fact, the temperature of the shell is high indicates that the heat inside the machine has been dissipated. In this way, the heat dissipation effect is actually better.

The excessive metal volume of the front windshield film of some vehicles may affect GPS signal positioning. In case of it, you can test the GPS positioning first outside the car (there is a satellite symbol in the upper right corner of the screen) before installing it on the windshield in the car.

MOIFIVE dash cam is equipped with some driving assistance functions such as the front car start reminder, which is realized based on the algorithm of DSP (Digital Signal Process). Strict requirements on the installation location can ensure maximum recognition accuracy.

The volume can be adjusted according to your needs by turning up/down the volume directly on the dashcam or do it through the APP.

There are two ways of sticking. First, you can stick the 3M glue on the electrostatic sticker and then on the windshield, so that the windshield can be well protected when the dashcam is removed. Second, directly attach the 3M glue to the windshield, which is stronger and more reliable. However, it will be more difficult to clean up the residue on the glass when you remove it.

Yes. We use Sony IMX 415, which can achieve true 4K picture quality. It also includes Starvis technology, that is, Starlight Night Vision which allows the camera to take color images under low lighting conditions. Thus, our recorder can also take clear and bright photos and videos at night.

There are two methods for connecting. 1. Connect the dashcam through the cigarette lighter to get electricity from the car’s power supply. 2. Connect the dashcam through the hardwire kit to take power from the fuse box.

After the dash cam is installed with the hardwire kit, turn on the parking monitoring function through the dashcam or APP. After the vehicle is normally turned off, when a collision occurs, it will trigger the DVR to record and lock the video, so as to achieve the function of parking monitoring.

The dash cam itself consumes very little power. The step-down line will always monitor the voltage of the car battery. When the battery is low, the hardwire kit will automatically turn off the DVR power supply and will not continue to consume the battery. So you don’t have to worry about its safety at all.

You can connect to the dash cam's own Wi-Fi through the APP, and view the real-time screen of the recorder on the mobile phone. However, it currently does not support remote viewing of real-time images through other networks.

Of course, you can connect the dashcam through the vehicle cigarette lighter, and then install it on the front windshield.

64G capacity only allows for a loop recording of 4K videos in a few hours, as a 1 min 4K video has more than 200 megabytes. The working mechanism of MOIFIVE is to record in a loop, which will automatically overwrite the oldest files, so there is no need to worry about insufficient capacity. If you need to save certain footage, you can manually operate the dashcam, press the emergency button, and the recorded video will be locked and protected from being overwritten.

The altitude data is measured by GPS. Due to the working principle of GPS, there is no way to achieve high accuracy. Therefore, the altitude error is relatively large for GPS, and the altitude data is only used as a reference.

The capture function is realized by extracting photos from the video stream. The picture quality will be different from traditional still photos.