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General FAQ

It is quite normal that the dash cam is heated in normal operation. All of our products that leave the factory will undergo continuous 8 hours of room temperature for aging in the factory. Laboratory testing has passed the reliability test of continuous high temperature of 60 degrees, so you can use it confidently. In fact, the temperature of the shell is high indicates that the heat inside the machine has been dissipated. In this way, the heat dissipation effect is actually better.

Yes. We use Sony IMX 415, which can achieve true 4K picture quality. It also includes Starvis technology, that is, Starlight Night Vision which allows the camera to take color images under low lighting conditions. Thus, our recorder can also take clear and bright photos and videos at night.

There are two ways of sticking. First, you can stick the 3M glue on the electrostatic sticker and then on the windshield, so that the windshield can be well protected when the dashcam is removed. Second, directly attach the 3M glue to the windshield, which is stronger and more reliable. However, it will be more difficult to clean up the residue on the glass when you remove it.

There are two methods for connecting. 1. Connect the dashcam through the cigarette lighter to get electricity from the car’s power supply. 2. Connect the dashcam through the hardwire kit to take power from the fuse box.

No, the dashcam uses built-in eMMC storage, which is not removable. eMMC offers advantages such as a longer lifespan, faster read/write speeds (50MB/s), and increased durability. While the storage isn't removable, you can mass download video clips to your computer by connecting the dashcam with a data transmission-supported USB cable. Detaching the dashcam from the mount is easy, as shown in this video. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QacaY4HOXBw)

The 64GB eMMC capacity allows for a few hours of loop recording of 4K videos, given that each minute of 4K video consumes over 200 megabytes. MOIFIVE dashcams are designed to work on a loop recording mechanism, automatically overwriting the oldest files as needed, which effectively eliminates concerns about running out of storage space.
If you wish to preserve specific footage, you can manually activate the dashcam by pressing the emergency button. This action locks and protects the recorded video from being overwritten, ensuring important moments are saved.
Please note that we also offer a new dual-channel model with 128GB eMMC capacity for extended storage needs, providing more flexibility and convenience.

You can connect to the dash cam's own Wi-Fi through the APP, and view the real-time screen of the recorder on the mobile phone. However, it currently does not support remote viewing of real-time images through other networks.

The APP can be used in real-time, but its features serve different purposes based on your needs. You can use it for: Remote file playback: This allows you to play video files directly from the dash cam's eMMC storage, helping you quickly find the right clip. Local file playback: You can play downloaded videos on your phone through the APP. It offers features like zoom-in and frame-by-frame playback to help you review critical moments.
Liveview: This feature lets you see through the camera in real-time, which is useful for adjustments and monitoring while the dashcam is in use.

After the dash cam is installed with the hardwire kit, turn on the parking monitoring function through the dashcam or APP. After the vehicle is normally turned off, when a collision occurs, it will trigger the DVR to record and lock the video, so as to achieve the function of parking monitoring.

Time-lapse shots can be captured, but they require continuous power, so you'll need our accessory hardwire kit for this feature. However, it's important to note that time-lapse mode can only be enabled when the dashcam is not powered by the vehicle's ACC (accessory) mode. While driving, the dashcam will record in normal mode, which typically uses a regular frame rate to capture the road situation. The number of pictures it can store depends on the memory capacity of the storage device you use.

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