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The Biggest Challenge For A TRUE 4K Dashcam: Heating!

by kaia z 07 Jan 2022

To optimize heating dissipation performance, we have to work from everything, such as structure, material, software!

When the image resolution level reaches 4K, the computation needs on the main CPU dramatically increase; heating becomes a severe problem. A dashcam needs to work under high temperatures, vibration, and different kinds of extreme environments.

We precision calculate the dissipation area from the PC+ABC material housing structure. Without causing structure distortion and affecting the design, we add a lot of heat dissipation holes on top and bottom to create a convection airflow dissipating heat.


We have added heat dissipation films!

An excellent electronic device will have a shield cover on the print circuit board to protect the chipset and circuit, so does we. We add a layer of nanocarbon heat dissipation film on the shield cover. By adopting nano carbon technology, the heat could quickly emit out. This technology is primarily adopted in mobile phone, tablet, and VR products; we are the leader using it in the dashcam industry.

Most dashcams locked their print circuit board directly on the PC+ABS structure. Although the plastic structure has a good heat tolerance capability, it has low thermal conductivity and is difficult to dissipate heat. Usually, the only way to dissipate the heat is through convection airflow.


How have we maximized the heating dissipation performance?

We use electrophoresis insulation once-piece aluminum alloy heat dissipation bracket to maximize the heating dissipation performance. The aluminum alloy material is metal with excellent heat tolerance capability and thermal conductivity and could dissipate the heat fast.

It also improves the overall convection efficiency of the structure. It's an expensive approach that a normal dashcam will not use. The aluminum alloy heat dissipation bracket is the same as a normal dashcam's housing cost!

Inside the structure, we use insulation foam to stop heat from the battery and other lower heat tolerance components. It is like the space shuttle's insulation tiles; one side is high temperature; the other side could remain calm. This design could increase the life span of the components and stability.


Why do we have a big "TRUE 4K" title?

Because many 4K dashcams upscaled from 2K. In that case, the image quality is not as good, and the heating problem is not so bad. Image quality and heating have a certain level of conflict and need to resolve by engineering. Any 4K dashcam that does not face a heating problem is not a TRUE 4K dashcam!

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