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4 Things I Like With My Dash Cam

by kaia z 03 Dec 2020

4 Things I Like With My Dash Cam

More vehicles are fitted with dash cams today. But is it worth it? There are several benefits of Dash cam, but I'll talk about the 4 things that Dash Cam changed my life.

Over the last few years, dashboard cameras have become increasingly popular. They are now arriving at affordable prices, well below their original prices. Because of the benefits that come with having a dashboard camera, they have become increasingly popular. The cameras are designed to record in the car and even on the road any sound and picture of activities. Most law enforcement departments are now equipped with these cameras for accuracy and reliable evidence.

For the sake of record-keeping and to discourage criminally-minded individuals, certain people prefer dash cams. Footages from dash cams will eventually resolve a legal battle, and it is proof that cannot be challenged.

Record Road Trip Memories

Road trips are expected to be pleasant. Taking photographs of wonderful moments is an important aspect of road trips because it retains experiences that can be quickly revisited. In such cases, having a dash cam comes in very handy. To capture your road trip experience, all you'll need is a high-resolution dash cam. The fact that some cameras have GPS capability is an extra bonus.

The majority of the cameras also have a big, high-tech LCD screen with touch technology. These cameras now give you total control over your road trip and filming experience thanks to a user-friendly, detailed, and quick navigation menu.

Your Speed Can Be Measured Using Dash Cams.

Advancement in the dash cam characteristics ensures that even though the truth lies against their owners, they will always tell the truth. I'm sure you're thinking, "How can a dash cam calculate my driving speed?" The solution is clear. Dash cams that were newly launched now work with your car's GPS. This means it knows where the car was five minutes earlier and where it is now. For those unfamiliar with physics, speed is determined by measuring the distance travelled by the time it took to reach that distance.

Reduce The Incidence Of Road Rage.

Road rage events will easily devolve into abuse. People who launch a road rage attack are irritable and don't think twice about hitting you physically. Taking out the car dash cam and pointing it at their face will also calm them down in such a situation. When they see a camera, their senses are likely to kick in and they can slow down. And if they don't, you've got evidence that someone was trying to attack you on purpose. When the matter goes to a police department or judge, the video footage will potentially turn the case in your favor in a single motion.

Artificial Intelligence In Dash Cam

Some Dash cam comes with Artificial intelligence feature, such as “stop and go” feature that will remind you. The function will give an alert when you stop in a red light and forget to catch on the car in front while the lights turn green. (Being distracted, or viewing your phone)

Final Words

All in all, Dash cam is one of the major necessary gadgets for vehicles. It can prevent you from heavy disaster. Nowadays, many Dash cam companies are offering best qualities Dash Cam. It’s your choice to select the one with features which you really needed.

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