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3 Indicators to Watch When Purchasing a Dash cam

by kaia z 25 Nov 2020

Having a dash cam has been one of the most common vehicle accessories purchases in recent years. With all of the advantages of installing a dash cam in your vehicle, the most important of which are peace of mind and comfort, it's no wonder that more car owners are doing so.

However, before you go out to buy the first video camera you see, you should know what to look for in a dash cam. There are some qualities that a good dash cam would possess, and you must ensure that the one you're considering follows all of them.

Here are the most important items to remember when purchasing a dash cam to support you in the quest for the right equipment for your vehicle.

Maximum Temperature That Dash Cam Can persists

The weather appears to be becoming more and more severe all of the time. Regular high-temperature records are being smashed, and the pattern is expected to continue. However, technology, especially in the case of dash cams, should be able to counteract the effects of hot weather.

There are many weather-resistant dash cams on the market that can handle the scorching Arizona weather. Arizona Monsoon is a well-defined weather event that occurs in the southwestern part of North America during the summer.

Video capture necessitates a significant amount of computing power and produces a lot of heat. Keep an eye on the temperature criteria. It should be able to store at 158 degrees Fahrenheit (70 degrees Celsius) and function at 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 degrees Celsius). Anything other than this does not have the required chipset and electronics for dash cam use. This could be a concern if your car is parked in the heat.

Please bear in mind that surface heat (when you touch the camera) does not necessarily mean that the dash cam is overheating. It's likely that it's signaling that the internal temperature has fallen.

Is The Dash Cam Using Fake (Interpolation) Resolution?

We discovered that dash cam footage output differs significantly, with some producing a blurry and pixilated video that may be worthless in the case of an accident.

A dash cam with at least 1080P resolution is required to clearly record the license plate numbers. Any dash cams record in 720P and then use interpolation to get to 1080P will definitely not going to offer decent picture quality. Be cautious of something that seems to be too good to be real.

Look, if Dash Cam has branded mobile application.

Dash cam applications are quick to download and update, are often free, and don't need any new hardware or extra wires. With the help of a dash cam mobile application, you can easily operate your dash cam with a mobile.

Many modern dash cams have Wi-Fi capability and can be accessed with a smart phone application. If they have a branded app, that's a clear indicator of how much R&D they've done. To save money on R&D, a white brand dash cam could use a generic APP.

Final Words

There are a number of reasons why you would want to buy a dash cam. They are mounted on your windscreen and make driving safer by recording anything that happens when you are driving. They can help you save money on insurance by providing peace of mind, and they can also provide fantastic YouTube content by capturing unexpected moments on the lane. So, always looks for handy features while choosing Dash Cam.

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