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Why 5G Wi-Fi Is Good For High-Resolution Dash Cam?

by kaia z 19 Nov 2020

Why 5G Wi-Fi Is Good For High-Resolution Dash Cam?

The best dash cams can record in 4K, although many entry-level dash cams can only record in Full HD. The higher resolution isn't mandatory for everybody, but it might be useful if you need to read the license plate of a passing car. Alternatively, the higher resolution will need fast Wi-Fi support for the quick transfer of files. In this article, we will talk about that fast 5G connection. Why 5G connection is good for Dash Cam? 

What Is The Term "Resolution" Means?

Resolution is a measure used to characterize the sharpness and transparency of the pixel or image. It is also used to assess the output of displays, scanners, digital photos, and various other hardware and software technologies. A Dash cam has an excellent user experience with a 5G supported high-resolution display.

Resolution is common in the telecommunications industry for defining the display capability of mobile devices and the entertainment media for distinguishing the visual quality of movies between high definition and standard definition movies. It is often used to assess the resolution of a frame, television, or TV set.

Resolution is often referred to as the resolution of the screen.

High Resolution (4K, 2K Video) Generates Big Video Files.

Higher resolution means higher pixels, and high pixels result in a larger file size. So a 4K file will have higher pixels, resulting in a larger size compared to less than 4K resolution… e.g., 2K.

One minute 4K video of 230-40 MB, 2K of 110 MB, 1080P of 70-80 MB, the exact number depends on the File. The instability is due to either the H.264 or the H.265 algorithm.

H265, or High Efficient Video Coding, is a modern video encoding format much better than H264. Compared to H264, H265 offers a 57 percent bit reduction at 1080p and a 64 percent bit reduction at UHD or 4K. Many prominent streaming websites have converted all of their videos to HEVC or H265 compression.

Role Of 5G WI-Fi In Transfer Speed.

Standard dashcam using 2.4G WI-Fi downloading 70-80MB 1080P video file to the phone would take 50 seconds to 1 min, 4K video file would take a long time before any device can handle it.

Using 5G Wi-Fi, you could potentially transfer 100MB in 10-15 seconds, which means a 1 min 4K video file could be quicker than a 1 min 1080P video using 2.4G Wi-Fi.

And for remote live viewing (play the video file in the storage without copying it to the phone), you need a fast connection speed. It's almost like watching live streaming on Youtube; the higher the resolution, the better the internet has to be.

When using a remote live display, it has faster loading speeds and less buffering. The cost of a 5G module is higher, but it has a superior user experience.

Final Words

The video resolution, also known as TV resolution, is one of the most important factors in determining a picture's quality. However, it is dependent not only on the resolution but also on the quality of the content being watched and the audience's position. But we really require a fast Wi-Fi connection like 5G while transferring or downloading. Now, the top notch Dash Cam comes in 5G supported Wi-Fi connections.

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