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Why would you need a dash cam?

by kaia z 06 Nov 2020

Why would you need a dash cam?

A dash cam or dashboard camera, a device that’s exactly what the name implies, is a camera that is mounted on your vehicle’s dashboard. A dash cam is to act as a “silent witness” in the event of accidents, it could act as witnesses of the entire accident, offering auto insurance companies, law enforcement, and juries or judges a front-row look at who's to blame for the collision. Without this video evidence, guilty drivers may get off, scot-free.

Surprisingly, dash cams are more useful than you think!

Dash cams have proven to help drivers SAVE money in the long run by getting them out of hit-and-runs, vehicle accidents and more. Having that peace-of-mind knowing that your vehicle is protected by your silent witness is priceless.

With dash cams, you get to effectively capture video and audio of everything that goes ion in a car. A lot of dash cams also come with expandable memory, so you can easily store hours’ worth of videos on a single run

Unlike most electronic device, dash cam work independent of your control. As opposed to having to lean over and control the way they work regularly, all you basically have to do is set them to a perfect vantage point and they’ll work from there.

The convenience that they provide is unparalleled, and this is definitely a major advantage to them.

As far as cars are concerned, nothing beats dash cams

If you are looking to easily get video documentation of everything that goes on in our car at every point in time (for instance, if you are a police officer), then the best type of surveillance tool that you should purchase is undoubtedly the dash cam.


The cameras can provide a holistic picture of your entire car, and you can also view the mages later to check out occurrences that you might have missed.

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