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What Is eMMC? Why Is It Good For Dash Cam?

by kaia z 10 Nov 2020

eMMC stands for embedded multi-media cards. eMMC is basically a built-in storage system and can be used for temporary recordings.

The eMMC implements the Multimedia Card standards and depending upon the NAND flash memory. The NAND flash memory can be found in another kind of storage such as Secure Digital cards, also known as SD cards, SSD cards, and USB.

If we talk about the application of eMMC, you can notice that this chip is found in standard budget-friendly devices such as laptops, Chromebooks, smartphones, & tablets.

Now we are using eMMC in our Dash Cam, which is far better than using an unstable TF card. Have a look at the advantages of eMMC over TF cards and better decide yourself.

Advantages of eMMC in Dash cam.

It is a small-sized memory card that can be used in Dash cam, providing the base to store large files conveniently. Its mini size makes it compatible with Dash cam.

Most standard SD cards, difficult and expensive to buy super high speed TF cards, thus in normal conditions, most of them are slow. SO, here eMMC proves its virtues by presenting its great reading and writing speed. The implementation of eMMC in Dash cam makes it robust, and thus, you can easily read or write the data.

The eMMC is packed with the tremendous distinct feature of a long lifetime. The implementation of eMMC in Dash cam makes it last longer.

Drawbacks of using TF card:

One of the essential drawbacks of a TF card is that it can be easily crushed, lost, or misplaced. If the system of the device gets corrupted, it can destroy all your data. The metal part at the back of the TF card, if mistreated, can be ruined and may not function.

If you have massive data, then you might want to upgrade to an updated version of TF card, because TF card stores specific amount of data. With early SD cards, the speed was defined by a few card vendors as a "times" rating, which compares the average speed of reading data to that of the original CD-ROM drive. The speed class rate, which maintains a minimum rate at which data can be inserted into the card, was superseded.

Final Words;

eMMC is the future and highly recommended for portable devices such as laptops, phones, or Dash cam as this memory storage is affordable. The implementation of eMMC in Dash cam is undoubtedly an advantage and provided a great storage facility accompanying itself with other great features. The above-mentioned characteristic interprets the idea of this form storage.

The only reason for its unpopularity is due to its cost perspective. Any product to acquire a respected status must cost down. So they need to lower down their prices to gain popularity.

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